Orbital Development Cycle

What is produced

Like Major Tom stranded in orbit above the moon with no way of landing or returning, we have produced space junk that you can’t readily reuse or repair, it knowingly becomes a legacy system at launch.

Weak spots

The idea of launching any product comes with scope creep, and sometimes the product teams are a little more understanding but they ALWAYS say they don’t want to “see the sausage made” yet rely on us butchers to make something of it. They don’t give a s4!t about you, just getting their thing launched, and this is frustrating. You can try to plead your case but nobody understands, nor respects what you do, just that you press keys and get more money than they do, so they are inclined to not care about process, just that you follow through as they demand.

A lot of tickets get swallowed up or slip by the process. Linear development.



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That Tim Guy


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