Masterclass, honest review

That Tim Guy
2 min readMay 24, 2022

It’s garbage. It’s lectures, not educational. Go to Skillshare, or Coursera, or Edx, or your local library instead, I think.

Six months in as of today; I had three of those months totally forgetting I was a member. It’s that bad. My only reason to log back in is to cancel.

I got myself a year’s subscription along with a gift pass for a friend. It took us both a few “lessons” to realize that these are mainly anecdotal stories of things from the “instructors’” pasts.

Learn From Over 100 Instructors With Multiple Easy-To-Watch 12-Minute Lessons.

The value of these for the most part are less than you’ll get from the free Ted talks, blogs or audiobooks from those instructors.

Of the courses I took, I’d place value on Chris Voss, and David Carson. For the others from Anna Wintour, and Annie Leibovitz I’d say were two fantastic people sort of going off to the sunset with some old tales. In the case of Anna, a room full of her employees that look more terrified at the notion of criticising her in front of cameras while pretending to curate an issue, than testifying at a murder trial where the killer is their parent that clearly did it and made them clean up the evidence.

I could not finish half of the others I put in my watchlist. I know I am going to go look again, but the reality is that I will cancel my subscription before it is halfway over.

I say go to Skillshare, I’ve never actually gone, but the cost proposition looks a lot better than old sanitized war stories masquerading around as life-changing instruction.



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