Failed Real Estate Agents

That Tim Guy
2 min readAug 25, 2022

I have to say something, something mean, and I know it. Real estate agents in general tend to be people that tried something else and were not good at it so they thought they could sell houses.

Ask ANY real estate agent “What were you before this?” because there has never been a person that started out as a real estate agent. So when someone gives up real estate, you gotta wonder just what kind of person you are dealing with.

Las Vegas was a hot market, the overpriced product sold itself, and the agents thought they were great but it was the market, not the seller. Selling water in a desert does not make you a great salesperson.

So when the Vegas market bottomed out, and a LOT of former agents that realised they were not particularly talented, so they became crypto investors. Thing is the crypto market was in worse shape than housing at this point but these are people that think “it can only go up from here, so it’s a great time to use my strategy to invest!”… yeah. The “if you’re not making 10% a day, you are losing money”. Dude, nothing is consistently making 10% a day.

“Diversify” is what this one clown kept saying. Well, I have cars, assets like vintage watches, camera gear, plus I have a crypto portfolio, a crypto trading bot, multiple 401ks, and I helped edit a book on index funds 20 years ago and got into that.

I have seen some amazing houses through one agent, I really liked them, but then came these hard-sell DMs on Instagram. I kept telling him I was all ok with my investment strategy but maybe some of those houses he showed might be something I’d like more info on.

We never spoke of houses again but posted two more since our last conversation. SMH

Now… he’s trying to get me to do his outdoor hiking/glamping vacations.

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and overpay for LA if I have to deal with guys like you.



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