Changing Legacy Mindsets

  1. Work with peers that have ambition, or that have been there 5 years or less to avoid “gatekeepers”
  2. Ancient tech stacks mean fear of change, I’ll lose more arguments to atrophy than win
  3. Make sure I’m hired to acquire new skills not backfill legacy staff
  4. Don’t join FOMO that chases bleeding edge stacks, I decide, not a blog
  5. I get to be in planning and grooming, otherwise I’m “staff” not leadership
  6. Get paid for the title, not the role. If I’m costly, they’ll listen to me
  7. Don’t lose my cool, just leave. No need to argue with sticks in the mud



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That Tim Guy

That Tim Guy


Coder, photog, stick-shifting, animal lover, gardener, cook, comedian, from 11746 living in 90210.